Luther’s Shocking Beliefs (Frank Viola)

It was after a bit of serious thinking that I decided to place a link to the article about some of Martin Luther’s “shocking beliefs”. The warnings issued by the owner of the site/blog seemed sensible to me. I was not able to verify all the assertions, however. Since the author uses footnotes, I hope they do in fact justify what he asserts. (There is only one case (on ite.m) for which the author did NOT provide the reference and it seems to be needed. A small flaw in an otherwise nice article.)

The host of the site where I found the article, and its author, is Frank Viola. His blog is called “The Deeper Journey” and is hosted at the Blog Portal “Patheos”, which describes itself as “Hosting the Conversation on Faith”. Roger E. Olson, a theologian I very much admire, hosts his own blog there.

The “Home Page” of Frank Viola’s blog is:

The article on Luther’s “Shocking Beliefs” was originally posted in the following URL.

Frank Viola has a series of articles on this theme (“Shocking Beliefs”). Here are some of them:


John Calvin:

Jonathan Edwards:

John Wesley:

D. L. Moody:

C. S. Lewis:

I hope that you, if not enjoy, will benefit from the article. If you don’t benefit and enjoy you will probably not enjoy reading some of the things Luther wrote either.

I had posted the full article in the sequence, but in compliance with Frank Viola’s request (through an assistant), I am leaving only the link.

In São Paulo, on June 3, 2017


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